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26 May

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The power inside us

22 May
Picture taken at the LA Art Show 2013

Picture taken at the LA Art Show 2013

There are times in life when one feels the urge of making a space to take care of our emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs, times when we long to go beyond our ordinary states of consciousness, immerse ourselves into the unknown, and come back to life –starting and ending these processes as many times as possible- until our journey is over.

The experience of emotional pain due to the death of a love one, becoming ill, the loss of a job or something that we know is difficult -if not impossible- to recover, makes us look for something that could helps us thrive and find meaningful ways that could keep us living in a dignified and graceful way.

Pain. Wounds. Hurt. These are not just words, ideas or symbols since they have the power to inflict real damage to ourselves and to our loved ones. Conflict. Emptiness, feelings of abandonment, betrayal or shame, they are here on earth as inescapable fate for mankind regardless of our beliefs and nationalities.

Picture taken at the LA Art Show 2013

Picture taken at the LA Art Show 2013

Unless we are willing to learn from the school of life, unless we are willing to learn from our history as species (knowing and observing the archetypes, for instance), and start discovering our nature as human beings, unless we try to know ourselves and evolve.

It took a long effort and endurance for us to come into being. Our mere existence is the result of countless battles against environmental threats, as well as internal challenges. Despite all that, here we are, still struggling to keep ourselves in balance and guarding against insanity.

Our ancestors knew it, the indigenous peoples of the world currently acknowledge it. That is why they recognize the importance and scope of the intellectual, emotional, sexual, material and spiritual realms in our lives.

Despite our ideologies or because of them, each and every one of us –at one point or another- has looked in some way, for something beyond our ordinary state of consciousness. Perhaps wanting something that could set us free of our fears, our personal limits, something that could liberate us from our lonely, empty and sorrowful lives.

The search can take a whole life and that is how in our personal journey we encounter all kinds of opportunities coming from the self help industry, new age, shamans, spiritual guides, gurus and even all types of cults and religions that promise us enlightenment or the doors to total freedom, many of which turn out to be expressions of spiritual materialism. Or maybe not, maybe some people have really experienced the divine?

Woman, leaves and birds
While some people say that the truth is not in the external world but inside ourselves, others maintain that we need to commune with all that exist to experience total freedom.

For many, the answers to the million-dollar questions of our existence
are inside our brain; neuroscience and other disciples such as epigenetics can give us a lot of data in that regards. For decades, the use of psychedelic drugs has given people some clues about the big questions.

In the midst of recent discoveries in the fields of biology and quantum physics, human kind is still looking for answers.

From certain perspectives, we are more than a container of blood and flesh. We are all fields of energy, we are quanta of information, we are creativity, we are infinite possibilities, we are pure potential, we are part of the cosmic intelligence, we are a power in resonance with the universe.

From this non-mechanical point of view, we are the mystery everyone wants to solve.

Without loosing the necessary critical thinking, I want to open this space to explore the different aspects of being human. I wish this to be a space where we all can become emitters and receptors, where we can find information that could serve us in practical (“objective”) but also subjective ways: knowledge that can help us co-create beautiful and useful worlds.

I’d like to exchange information and experiences about the intellectual, emotional, sexual and material aspects of our lives, to honor our nature as human beings. I’ll try to post my writings in Spanish and English.